TheaterScreen™ 10ft Motorized 16:9 HD Projection Screen

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TheaterScreen™ 10ft. Motorized 16:9 HD Projection Screen
Available in 8.3″ and 10″ diagonal widths (16:9 widescreen). When you have limited space in which to place a flat panel TV, such as in a condo or in a room with a window in a key spot, a motorized projection system maybe the best solution as it can be located over a window and when you push a button, the screen comes down over the window blocking the light from behind, just like a motorized shade. You can't put a flat panel TV over a window but with the Gigalife system you can now use this valuable space and have a bigger screen. Our system is complete and works right out of the box. We pre-configure the system so your remote is programmed for the included components and the projector is ready to install. You do not worry about compatibility issues between various HD sources, components, cables and sound system. We have tested the system with the most common HD and Standard Definition products.

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The system completely hides away when not in use. With the push of the button, the screen rolls up and disappears. All electronics are design to be very discreet so they can hidden away when not in use. We use only our own specially engineered screen. The result is an incredibly bright and crisp HD picture that most people (even professionals) can’t believe is produced by a projection system. We maximize the gain and lumens to achieve the highest foot lamberts (brightness that your eyes see) possible without creating annoying “hotspots” that significantly degrade the image quality. The system is designed so you can even leave the room lights on.

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Weight 49.00 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 122 in



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