Gigalife™ HD Audio/Video Processor and HDMI Switch

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Supports full HD 1080p images and full digital optical audio. Connect up to 5 entertainment or gaming systems, then easily choose which one outputs to your HDTV, projector, computer or audio system. Three (3) HDMI inputs, One (1) DVI input with digital optical audio and One (1) component input. One HDMI and one DVI output with digital optical audio.

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Digital processors for high definition image quality and superior audio. Supports hig definition video resolutions to 1080p.

Sends the audio signal to both the HDMI and digital optical (Toslink) audio outputs.- this allows audio to be routed to a separate surround sound system or other digital audio component.

Auto-sensing – Selects input ports with active signals. Ignores inactive input ports.

Perfect for HDTV, movies and gaming, designed for both high definition and standard definition video.

Compatible with DVD and Blu-ray disc players, HDTV (including cable and Satellite), PLAYSTATION®, XBOX® and Nintendo® console games., computers and most other video inputs.

UL Listed power adapter.

2 year limited warranty by Gigalife LLC for non member and lifetime warranty for members.

Additional information

Weight 3.60 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 7.5 x 4 in

Power Supply


Video Inputs

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Video Outputs

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Inside the Box

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