About Us

Gigalife was founded to make new technologies discoverable and available directly to individuals and families that will enhance their lives.We know great Smart Home and Entertainment technologies exist today that can provide amazing benefits to almost everyone. However, manufacturers and traditional retailers of these products often fall short by ineffectively explaining the benefits of their products or overselling the benefits and functions. In either case, consumers often get frustrated with the experience and tend to disengage with the very technology that can provide significant benefit in their lives.


This hurts both the consumers and the manufacturers of the technology. Consumers are hurt by wasting valuable time with technologies that don’t meet their heightened expectations and needs. Manufacturers of the technology are hurt through reputational damage to their brand (negative reviews/ social media posts) and significant product returns which impact their bottom line. There is no winner in these scenarios.


Even when consumers find a great technology that can provide true enhancement in their life the installation, configuration and update processes can prove extremely frustrating resulting in dissatisfaction even with truly great products.


This is where Gigalife comes in.


We provide:
  • Product Knowledge- Objective and critical product reviews of all Smart Home products we sell and install.
  • Enjoy your technology- Installation, configuration and training available on every Smart Home product we sell.
  • Privacy and security is paramount- Security Updates Installed timely and consistently for members.
  • Peace of mind the products you bought will work- Repair and replacement support for members.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee- If you are dissatisfied with any of the Smart Home products you purchased from us, members can return the product (up to 90 days after purchase) and we will refund your money.


Our pedigree:
We come from the consumer electronics, electronics retail and ecommerce industries. Collectively, our leaders have over 95 years of experience in these industries. Our purpose is to allow you to leverage this experience for your benefit.


We only send the best and brightest Smart Home Technologists to your home to deliver, install and educate you and your family on the products you purchase from us. Don’t be concerned, we speak fluently to both the non-technical and the most fluent technologist.


How we started:
We realized there was something very wrong in the Smart Home products industry. Many companies sold Smart Home products that:


  • Only worked on their proprietary platforms so consumers couldn’t purchase the best-of-breed products due to incompatibility.
  • Required expensive central monitoring services when most consumers were fully capable of self monitoring with their connected mobile devices.
  • Required complex set-up of connected “Hubs” that often were incompatible.
  • Charged excessive installation fees and left the consumer with little to no training on how to use the products after installation and maximize all features and functions of the product.
  • Provided no follow-up support after installation/initial training or charged an excessive fee to make a second home visit for re-training.
  • Didn’t support their customers with reasonably priced repair and replacement services.


We know your home is your castle. Our goal is to help you and your family be safe, secure, entertained and efficient at a reasonable cost. Its that simple.